Using the Legacy (Old) Slides System

This article refers to the legacy slides tool. For the new version of slides, see this video.

Uploading Slides

The first step is to create a presentation on your computer. Our system supports pdf documents up to 40 mb in size, and ppt and pptx documents up to 25 mb in size.

Next, upload the presentations to your account. From your Instant Teleseminar members' area, click on My Slides, then Upload a New Presentation:



The first page that pops up is the pdf upload system, to upload in ppt, use the link at the bottom of the instructions box. Browse to find the file you wish to upload and give it a name:


 Using Slides During an Event

Once the presentation has been uploaded, it is ready to be used during an event.

To show slides during an event, be sure to set the publishing method to "Modern" or "Flyer", and make sure the check box "Will this event use slides?" under the modern/fyler event settings is set to yes:


As your event is about to go live, click on the Control Panel and then go to the Slides tab inside the control panel. Note that you CANNOT show slides from the My Slides area in the vertical menu on the left. Slides are only controlled for a live presentation from the Control Panel using the horizontal menu at the top of the page, or using the (my events > event title > slide controller link) option.

Choose the slide deck you wish to show for this presentation:

Navigate using the menu on the right or using the arrow keys on the bottom of the presentation screen:


To see a preview of a slide, mouse over the slide number in the right menu. Only you see the preview until you click. Once you click, you are displaying it to your audience: Slides6.png

To highlight specific things on your slide, mouse over the slide that's currently being displayed, and hold down the button on your mouse. Then drag your mouse across the area to be highlighted. To clear your highlights, click on the CLEAR button:


You can change presentations during the event by clicking on the Change Presentation button. You can show slides from as many presentations as you like, and the system will still record the entire slide show as a single presentation:



The popup version of the slides manager opens a new browser window. Use the popup slide controls to manage slides, and your main browser window for everything else:


You can give the URL of the popup slide manager to your co-host. That way they can control slides without having to login to your account:


Special Notes on Making Recordings with Slides

1) Make sure that you have a slide loaded before you click the button to 'start recording', otherwise we will have no slide to display at the 'zero second point' during your replay. You can see details about making recordings on the page:
2) At least 2 slides are required to create a proper replay recording with our system.
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