How do I edit my recording?

For audio edits, we recommend Audacity, which is FREE and easy to learn how to use.

Here's an overview of the process:

1. Download the audio file you want to edit from your account.
2. Download Audacity and install it on your computer 
3. Download the LAME MP3 encoder to use with Audacity and install it on your computer
4. Import your audio file into Audacity
5. Edit your audio file
6. Upload the edited audio to your event page.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1:  Select the Event You Wish to Edit



Step 2:  Navigate to Event Recordings



Step 3:  Download the Audio You Want to Edit




Step 4:  Import the file into Audacity



Step 5:  Edit the Audio



Step 6:  Export the Audio



Step 7:  Upload the Recording



Step 8:  Select Which Recording Clips to Publish



Audacity Editing Tips:

The command shift-j or shift-k will select to the left or right of your curser, and then you can use the Delete key to delete the selection, or cmd-t to trim all but the selected region.

Once you have made your trims, make sure the "Project Rate" field in the lower left hand side of the page is set to 22050 Hz, and go to (File > Export). From the page that pops up, select MP3 files for the format, and then click the options button. Set the Bit rate mode to Constant, and the Quality to 24kbps.

Click OK and then select the location to save your mp3 file.


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    If you need any more help, just reach us in Tech Support.

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    After the audio is edited and re-uploaded to Instant Teleseminar is there any way to have the new mp3 audio synced up with the webinar slides or do the webinar slides maintain the former audio recording?

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    No, if you edit an audio and re-upload, the original recorded slides+audio presentation is disabled, because the slides won't sync.  

    However, you could set up a new event, upload the audio to your My Audios library, and then make a new slides+audio presentation using your edited audio by playing the audio into the event and manually flipping through the presentation at the appropriate moment to record a new presentation.

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    OK, that's a great idea and will work for what I need to do.

    I will look into how to do that, I may need your help with specific steps. Let me add the piece I missed to my audio and get back to you next week.Thanks!

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    Sure, call us at 503-290-5600 and we can walk you through it.