How Can I Password Protect My Phone Line and Webcast Templates?

Instant Teleseminar has two forms of password protection: 1) the webcast template and 2) the phone line. Both forms of password protection are detailed, below.

How to Password-Protect the Webcast Template

You can password-protect the webcast template for an event when you first set up an event.  Select the Modern Template,  and under Security, choose the Private option.  Then enter the password in the field provided:


If you forgot to set the password when you first set up the event, you can edit this setting by clicking on the name of the event from the My Events page, then clicking on Event Name, Listening Options and Template Options from the Event Management Area:



How to Password-Protect the Phone Line

To password protect the phone line itself, click on the Phone Control and then Settings.  Enter up to 15 digits, and then click "set." 


Tips on Using Passwords

1. You can change your password settings as often as you like.

2.  Note that the conference password for the phone line is completely separate from the webcast template. 

3.  Be sure to let your audience and co-host know the password before event time

4.  If you like, you might try setting both the phone and webcast template to the same numerical password. 

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