Setting Up Events: Detailed Instructions

Why Schedule an Event?

You can always just dial in to use your conference line 24 hours a day. However, scheduling an event enables additional features like webcasting and slides. Scheduled events also automatically include a backup recording.

To create an event, click the 'My Events' link on the left side of your account, then click 'Add New Event'.


Basic Settings

When you click the Add New Event button, you'll see the event basic settings at the top, and the template settings at the bottom.

Event Name: This is the title of the event that will appear inside your account. It is only for your own reference, guests will not see this title, and it must be less than 51 characters.

Event Date: This is the date of your event, our system will default to 1 week in advance when the page loads.

Official Start Time: This is the time your event will begin. Be sure the AM/PM and time zone is correct. At this time we only offer US time zones, and GMT time.

Official Start Time Text: This is the text that will appear on the event page your listeners will see. It is helpful to customize this text if your event participants are located outside of the 5 official time zones.

Select Event Duration: This is the duration of your event. Be sure to schedule your events for longer than you think they will last, since events will end automatically at the official start time.

Webcast System Dial-In Number: This setting determines the behavior of the hold music on the system, it does not affect you or your listeners ability to dial in by phone. Under 'Guest Mode', guests who dial in early will hear hold music, under 'Host Mode', guests who dial in early will hear silence. 'Guest Mode' is recommended for most events, although 'Host Mode' is recommended if you are playing audio clips. You can see more details about audio playback on the page:

Select Listening Method: This setting determines the listening options available to listeners on the event pages. You can limit them to using the built in webcast option, dialing in by phone or skype, or allow them to dial in or use the webcast. Keep in mind you as host will be required to dial in by phone or skype to speak during the event, the webcast option is only for listening.

Template Settings

Publishing Method: Our system offers 2 different template page versions: Classic and Modern. The classic template is recommended for basic audio events, while the Modern template is required for advanced features like Slide, Chat, and Password protection. You will only see those Modern template options when this mode is selected

Will this event use slides: This option is required to display slides during an event. You can see more details about slide presentation from the page:

Enable Chat Room: This setting enables a text chat room that can be included on the event pages and control panel. This feature will allow you and your participants to type message back and forth while the event is in progress. Keep in mind this feature is only recommended if you have someone to help with the event, since it can be distracting to speak and type at the same time.

Security: You can use this setting to enable to disable password protection on the webcast page. Listeners will be required to enter a password before they can load the event pages on their computers. This password does not affect phone participants, there is a separate password that can be enabled for the conference from the (phone control > settings) page.

Advanced Settings

To view the available advanced options, click on the arrow at the bottom of the 'Add New Event' page.

Enable Social Networking "Share This" link: This feature allows you or your participants to easily share the event page on social networking sites like facebook or twitter. You can see more information about the Share This system on their site:

Require email address on question submission form: This setting requires that listeners who are submitting a question on the event page leave a valid email address. This can be useful if you are wanting to determine who listened to your event over the web.

Send an email when new questions are submitted: If this setting is enabled, our system will send an email to the address currently on file for your account whenever a listener submits a question on the event page.

Disable the 'Add to Calendar' button on the event page: This setting will turn off the 'Add to Calendar' message that appears on the event page before the official start time. This is helpful if have a different registration process that already uses an Add to Calendar feature.

Next Steps

Watch This Video Tutorial to customize your event template. You can add a photo, update the text that appears on the page, and more.


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