How to Connect to a Replay by Phone


Instant Teleseminar offers replays that can be accessed online or with a telephone. To have a replay available you need to first record (Learn how to record) or upload a replay to an existing event. If you have a previously recorded event with an online replay and would like to enable the phone replay as well you can do that from the Replay Page Settings.


When you manually record a new event with our system the phone replay option will be enabled by default but you can change that anytime in the Event Settings area directly as well as in the Customize Replay Page area.

To access a replay by phone you can either give the participant the replay page link so they can access the online event page which has the phone replay information or you can give them the phone replay connection information found in the Event Settings area directly.

Example Event Page for audio only replay:


Example Event Page for replay with slides:



When listening to a phone replay you can control the replay audio with the dial pad. Replay controls from the telephone dial pad:

* to skip back
# to skip forward
9 for 2x speed
0 to pause playback
7 for the percent of the audio that is complete


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