Phone Paths (Beta Feature)


To create a phone path you start by clicking Phone Paths in the left side menu and then clicking the 'Create New Path' button.


Once you have clicked the button to create your phone path you first need to upload the audio you want as your initial audio, then choose 'Done for Now' or to 'Upload Another Audio' (don't worry you can always upload additional audios later!).



Upload Confirmation:


Once you have uploaded your audio(s) you are presented with the Path Management page. The Path Management page is where you can see the dial in details for attendees as well as edit your phone path. You can customize your phone path by clicking on an audio to enter the phone path editor for that clip, add additional audios, set up a custom phone number, delete the phone path entirely and choose to have the phone path enabled or not.


If you click on an audio this will lead you to the phone path editor. The default editor has no options enabled but allows you to fully customize your listeners experience to match the audio you uploaded. You can see how in the center area there is a timeline for the audio and on the left side it shows you the dial pad buttons you can program so when the listener presses a button during the event they have the action you added happen. You can play your audio to know where to insert actions in the top left and you can see the current position in the audio represented by the blue line with the mark on top. At the top right is the Program Dial Pad button with a drop down menu where you choose which action to add to your phone path (it also shows you the location in the audio file in the button).

Phone Path Editor Example:


The options for the drop down menu are,

1. Insert Survey - This opens a window with options for adding a survey that guests answer by pressing the dial pad button that corresponds to their selection of your survey entries. You can choose to have this survey available for the entire length of your audio or only a specific amount of time.


2. Send SMS Message - This opens a window where you add content to an SMS message that can be sent if the listener presses the button during that time. You can choose to have the send SMS message action available for the entire length of your audio on a specific dial pad button or only a specific amount of time. There is a maximum limit of 320 characters (including spaces) but you can feel free to have less than that without any issues.

NOTE: In order to send SMS messages you need to have a Phone Path number enabled for your account.

No Custom Number:


With PINless Number:


3. Send Caller to New Recording - This opens a window with options for transferring your guest to either a new audio (possibly with even more custom actions!) or to an existing replay in our system. Once again you can choose to have the transfer available if they press the dial pad button for the entire length of your audio or only a specific amount of time.


4. Transfer Caller to Phone Number - This opens a window with the option of adding a new telephone number to transfer the listener to if they press the dial pad button that corresponds to the number you inserted. As always you can choose to have this caller transfer available for the entire length of your audio or only a specific amount of time.

Note: You can only transfer to a US number.


Every action you add to the audio will be shown on the phone path editor and you can feel free to make adjustments to any actions that have already been inserted by clicking on the action you want to adjust.



Phone Path reports show information about the listeners of your audio as well as the actions they took while listening. To find details for a specific path on the Path Reports page simply click on the title of the path under the Phone Path column to access additional information.

Path Reports Main Page:


The Path Report page breaks down your listeners to show the telephone number, how long they were connected as well as any action that was taken, such as hanging up or transferring to another telephone number. Below the Path Report is the Survey Report and that shows a summary of the survey responses from listeners.

Note: All times shown for the reports are in Pacific Time.

Path Report Breakdown:


PINless Numbers:

There are 2 types of PINless numbers you can get with our system, a live call phone number and a replay/phone path number. These numbers have different uses so make sure that you select the one that is right for your situation. To assign a PINless number to your account navigate to Phone Paths > Dial-In Numbers in the left side menu, then click the 'Get New Number' button or in the Path Management area of your event click the 'Get a PINless number for this path' link. PINless numbers are currently available at the rate of $6.95/month or $49/year for each number.

Note: There is a $5 non-refundable fee charged when a PINless number is assigned to the account.

For more information on PINless numbers visit our article on them here

Path Management Page:


Once you click the button to create your PINless number you then choose to have either a live number or replay/phone path number. To have a number that your participants can use to connect to your events without needing to dial a PIN code choose the live call phone number. To have a number that leads directly to a replay or phone path choose the replay phone number.

In order to send SMS messages you need to have a replay/phone path PINless number in place for your account.

Submit a request to add your account to the Beta here. We would need to know the Member ID and password of the account you want added to the Beta and we can get that taken care of right away!

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