Recordings: How do I convert recordings into the proper format for upload?


We recommend using** iTunes** to convert your audio files into a format that's compatible with Instant Teleseminar.

Here's what to do:

In windows, go to (Edit > Preferences > General) and click on the Import Settings button next to where it says Ask to Import a CD. In Mac, go to (iTunes > Preferences > General) and click on the Import Settings button.

Note that you'll click on this import settings button even if you are not importing a CD and just converting an MP3 that you already have on your computer:


You will then see a popup window, where you will select Import using: MP3 encoder.

For the Setting, select "custom..." and another pop up box will appear.


Then you should select a 48 kpbs stereo bit rate...


...and uncheck the VBR box. Select 22.05 KHZ for the sample rate, and set the channels to mono. Then check the smart Encoding Adjustments and Filter Frequencies below 10 Hz buttons:

and you should be ready to go! Confirm all the changes to your settings, and then select the recording from the itunes library.


Go to (File > Convert > Create MP3 Version) to begin the conversion process:

Once it has completed, simply right click on the newly created file and select "Show in Finder" (Mac) or "Show in windows explorer" (windows):


The file will then be displayed on your screen. Once you know the location on your computer, it's just a matter of moving it to the right folder so that you can upload it to your account.

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