Recordings: Why Isn't My Event Replay Working?


Troubleshooting Replays

1. Check to see that you have replay enabled for this event.

Check to see that you have replays enabled for this event by navigating to the (Events > Event List > Event Title > Replay Page Settings) page:



Choose "Enable Replay" and the Replay settings you would like:


2. Check to confirm that you made a recording.

The main reason events fail to replay is because they have no "Event Recordings" attached to them. You can check the event recordings for any event by going to the (Events > Event List > Event Title > Event Recordings) page:



If you see a message on this page that says, "There Are No Event Recordings" for this event, you will need to use one of the backup recordings:



Use a Backup Recording if You Forgot to Manually Record the Event

See this FAQ on using a backup recording in place of your normal event recording.

If Your Replay is Still not Working...

If your replay is still not working correctly, there might be something wrong with the recording file itself, and it may have to be uploaded again. Navigate to the (Events > Event List > Event Title> Event Recordings) page, and click on the "Mp3 Recording" link at the top of the page. The file will automatically ask if you would like to open it (begin playing) or begin downloading the file to your computer and you can then check the content on your computer. It may help to look over the conversion instructions later in this FAQ page to make sure you have the proper file format for uploading.

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