Account: How do I close (cancel/suspend) my account?


To cancel/suspend your account, just send an email message through the support system, or from the email on file for the account confirming your intention, and a member of our team can have your account closed. With our system cancelling and suspending have the same affect. Replays and recordings won't be available while the account is suspended, but they will not be deleted.

You can submit a support ticket here, you can give us a call directly at 503-290-5600, or in your members area you can simply click on the "Help" or "Live Chat" button and let us know that way.

You're responsible for charges up until the cancellation date, and we don't give refunds for partial months. You are welcome back at any point in the future, though your hosted recordings and event replay pages associated with the account will be disabled for the account you are cancelling.

Also, if you are a charter member, note that you will lose your charter membership service levels and must reactivate at the price and service levels in effect at the time of reactivation.

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