How to Connect to the Conference Line Using Skype


When you connect to our Skype ID join.conference, it is a free connection since it is considered a "Skype-to-Skype" call, however that option is not currently available on all devices. Currently, only the Skype Windows 7 'desktop version' supports the option to connect with "join.conference", but on other systems you can dial any of our US numbers to connect.

The Quick Scoop on Using Skype

1. Show the dial pad and type directly into the dial pad our Skype ID join.conference or dial one of our local telephone numbers.

Note: Skype may charge to dial a local number depending on the service you have with them.

2. Once connected, use the same dial pad to enter the 6 digit Conference ID, followed by #. Something to keep in mind is that you must type in the PIN manually, you cannot copy and paste to the dial pad.

Note: Skype looks very different on different platforms. Skype on Mac looks nothing like Skype on PC, iOS, or Android. Even different versions of Windows display very different versions of Skype. See our Skype Instructions page for platform-specific instructions. 

Why Using Skype Can Be a Pain

If you tried the above steps, you may have had difficulty when you have to show the dial pad. Unfortunately, Skype makes it difficult to find the dial pad, and the Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Skype look nothing alike. Not only that, but different releases on the same device look different from year to year.

Even Skype has trouble explaining to its own users how to find the dial pad. Try going to the Skype Community Page and type in "dial pad" to see what we mean.

That's why if you are having issues, we suggest using Web Call or Phone instead of Skype. 


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