Can I Get My Call Transcribed?


Combining a teleseminar with transcription services is a time-tested way to turn your telephone and web conferencing content into money.

 Transcribing your events makes it easy to:

  • Write a sales letter
  • Create free reports for bonuses and giveaways
  • Turn recordings into blog posts or articlesBuild training manuals and workbooks

...or even write a book.

Instant Teleseminar recommends Verbal Ink for transcription services, and Verbal Ink offers a discount rate to our members.

To get a call transcribed, login to your Instant Teleseminar members' area and click on the title of the event you want transcribed.  From the event management area, click on "Transcribe Your Recordings," then sign up for your Verbal Ink account through your members' area and follow the instructions.

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