Troubleshooting: Echo on the Conference Line


Troubleshooting Echos

Our conference bridge doesn't generate any echo, so the source of the echo is very likely an unmuted phone line on the call. 

Here's why:  Telephones that are receiving incoming audio from another telephone can generate "spillover" sound from the incoming call that the mouth piece picks up and re-transmits into the phone line.  That's the source of the echo.

To combat this problem, telephone companies employ devices called "echo cancelers" on their circuits that normally stop echos, but those can sometimes fail depending on the type of hardware callers use, among other reasons.

Here's how to troubleshoot this problem:  When you're on your call, take a look at the Conference tab in the Control Panel.  When you speak, only your name should be lighting up in blue.  If you see one of the other unmuted lines lighting up at the same time as yours, that's the likely source of the echo.  Just mute that line out while you're talking, and you'll eliminate the problem.  

Also:  Don't forget to test if you are the cause of the echo!  To see if your phone is causing the echo, stay silent while other callers speak and see if your name lights up in blue as they are talking, indicating that your device is relaying the echo.


When a muted caller needs to speak, they can raise their hand by pressing *2, or, if the call is in Q&A mode, they can unmute themselves by pressing *7

If this doesn't fix the problem...

If this does not solve your problem, then there is some other source that's creating the echo.  One thing that may get you around the problem is to use a different local dial in number:

While we do recommend your primary number be used for the best quality and reliability as a general rule, you may find that other numbers work better from your location.

If none of the above steps correct the problem on your line, please call us while the echo is taking place so that we can troubleshoot other possible causes.

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