Troubleshooting: Broadcast, Replays, Slides and Network Issues


If you are having issues connecting to a live or recorded webcast, with or without slides, try these steps:

1. Update or Change Your Web Browser

The web browser you are using to access the event may need to be updated. We recommend either FireFox or Chrome for best results:

Neither Safari nor Internet Explorer supports web real time communications natively. Internet Explorer, especially older versions, has known issues accessing live or recorded events. Try updating to the latest version from the Tools > Windows Update menu, or switch to compatibility view, which you can do from the Tools > Compatibility View menu.

2. Determine if You Have Network Issues

  • Check your software and browser plugins. Anti-virus or anti-spyware software and certain browser plugins or toolbars can sometimes be overprotective.
  • There could be a temporary problem with your internet connection. Your direct network may be having problems, or there could be a problem in a relay or "hop" in the way your internet service is routing requests to our servers. These kinds of problems are usually intermittent and clear themselves up, but in the meantime, you might try connecting by phone instead.
  • There could be a local network issue. Certain proxy and firewall settings can cause issues. We recommend disabling any additional software you may have installed and trying the page again.
  • Satellite internet connections may fail. Satellite internet connections are notoriously slow and usually involve a proxy that can get in the way of real time web communications. 
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