Add a Call to Action Button, Links, and Handouts


This article discusses adding a static call to action button to your event pages. To add a call to action button that appears dynamically at a specific time during your event, see the "Add a Call to Action Button" section of this Slides Article

You can add a call to action button to your event page and point it to your order form, opt-in page, or anywhere else you choose.

You can also include as many as three additional links on your event page so that your audience can download handouts, worksheets, or visit specific websites.

Clean template full event page example:


Flyer template links only example (Connection options will always show above the links not beside them like the Clean template):

Step 1: From the Event List area, click on the title of the event.


Step 2: Click on "Web Links & Button" link in the Event Management area.


Step 3: Choose which phases of your event page will include the call to action button and/or web links. You can choose to have it appear pre-event, during-event, and/or on the replay page.


Tips on Using the Call to the Action Button and Web Links

1. You cannot upload files to Instant Teleseminar. If you need a place to upload documents you want to share, we recommend or

2. It's always a good idea to include worksheets during your events. See this article for ideas on creating worksheets that add value to your events, courses, and coaching programs. 

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