Question Submission Form


The question submission form lets you collect questions from anyone on your event page. You can see the questions that have been submitted to you in the Control Panel > Q&A Tab for each event.

To change your question submission form settings, click on Events > Event List and then the Title of your event, then the pre-event, during-event, or replay page settings links:


Then change your settings on the next page:


At any time--before, during, or after your event--you can navigate to the Control Panel to see the questions that have been submitted by clicking on the Control Panel link under the Options column next to a specific event, then going to the Q&A tab:


Click on the Q&A Tab, then "See All Questions" to see the questions for your event.

If you have a very large event, an assistant can approve questions for you using "Incoming & Approved Mode."  You'll see their approved questions using "See All Approved Questions."


Here is an example of what the some questions from guests will look like. Something to keep in mind is that you do have to press the refresh button found on the Q&A tab to see any new questions.


Q&A Options & Tips

You can require an email address on the question submission form by clicking on the "Advanced Options" when setting up an event, or from the Events > Event List > Event Title > Title & Options area.

You can also receive an email whenever somebody submits a question, which is a useful setting to have on your replay pages so that you don't miss questions.


When Creating an New Event you must press where it says 'Click Here for Advanced Options' to expand the options. An already created event will show all the options in the Event Management area.




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