Display Slides and Pre-Recorded Video During a Live Event


Before reading this article, watch our video on using slides. You may also want to read this blog post on how slides can help or hurt your presentation.

The slides system lets you display slides and pre-recorded videos to your audience during your events. Instant Teleseminar records your slides changes, videos, and conversation from the conference line together for your replay page. 

You can also add links to your slides to make them clickable. So, for example, you can display a call to action button to your audience at the appropriate time during your event, which lets you deliver your entire pitch before they see your offer. 

Step 1: Create a Presentation in My Slides

The My Slides area is a library where you can upload images and videos to show during your events. Click the "Create Presentation" button to get started.


Upload PowerPoint, PDFs and Other Images

The easiest way to get started with your presentation is to simply upload a presentation you've already created using PowerPoint or another presentation tool. 

You can also upload individual images in PDF, PPT, PPTX, PNG, GIF, and JPG formats.

If you want to upload a Keynote presentation, a Google Slides presentation, or a presentation made with some other presentation tool, you'll need to first save your presentation in a different format (we recommend PNG or JPG) then upload. 

Tip: For the best image quality and resolution, we recommend exporting your slides from PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides to PNG or JPG format, and then uploading those images to My Slides. See This Article to understand why and for detailed instructions. 


Add Pre-Recorded Video

To add video to your presentation, insert a link to a YouTube video. At this time, the video display system only works with YouTube. 


Inserting, Deleting, and Changing Slides Order

Hover over a slide and click on it to preview. Can use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to quickly navigate through your presentation.

To insert slides or video into an existing presentation, click the plus icon at the point where you want to insert the new slides or video, then just follow the instructions. (#1, below)

To delete a slide or video, click the delete icon. (#2, below)

To change the order of your slides and videos, hover over a slide and click the up or down arrows (#3, below)


Add a Call to Action Button or Link a Slide to a Website

Click the green edit icon, then insert a link on the next page.


Step 2: Display Slides or Videos Into a Live Event

Note: Slides must be enabled for an event. To enable slides for any event, click on Events > Event List > The Title of your Event > Title & Options, enable the slides and press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

To display slides into a live event, first select the presentation that's going live by clicking on the Event List then the Control Panel link for your event. Once in the control panel, click on the slides button at the top of the page. 


Navigation and Display Options

Once you're in the slides area, choose the presentation for your event. We recommend that you begin displaying your first slide 5 to 10 minutes before your event goes live. That way, when people arrive to your event page, they'll see the first slide of your presentation and know that they're in the right place.

When you're ready to start your presentation, be sure to click on the Recordings tab to click the start recording button. Then return to the slides tab to begin. 

You can navigate through your slides by clicking on them directly, or by using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. To skip around, just scroll to the slide you want, and click to select it. 

You can also turn the slides display on or off, or choose an entirely different presentation to show at any time.


Displaying Video

If you show a youtube video during your presentation, just click the PLAY button like you normally would to begin playback for the audience. 

If you like, you can play part of the video, pause it to talk about what was just shown, and then play more of the video.

Something to keep in mind is that the sound from the video will not play over the telephone lines and the guest will need to be on the online event page to hear the audio from any Youtube video played into your event.

Keep in mind: different web browsers render video at different speeds, so be sure to allow a few extra seconds for slower web connections to finish playing your video before proceeding.




1. For the best image quality, use a 16X9 aspect ratio for your presentations and images. This is the default aspect ratio for PowerPoint 2016 and Google Slides presentations. Some slides systems like Keynote and previous versions of PowerPoint use a default aspect ratio of 4x3, which is more square shaped. While slides in a 4X3 aspect ratio will still work, they won't fill all the space like the slides that have a 16X9 aspect ratio will.

2. Fonts or colors not displaying properly: If this happens, you may be using a font that isn't common between Mac and Windows systems. Try exporting your slides as PNG or JPG images and then uploading. See This Article for help.

3. While PPT, PPTX and PDF can be easier to use in general if the presentation has a lot of photographs JPG will be the best format. However PNG is better for anything with text and straight lines, as in a comic or other drawing, or if a wide color range is needed with transparency.

Give yourself plenty of time to upload and prepare your slides. Preview each slide to ensure that it looks correct before going live in front of your audience.


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