Connect to the Conference with Web Call


Web Call is a free service that connects you and your audience to the conference line using your computer's microphone. No phone or Skype connection is required.

NOTE: Web Call only works with Chrome or Firefox as Internet Explorer and Safari do not support Real Time Communications natively.

Connecting As Host

Hosts can make a Web Call directly from the Control Panel. For Non-Event use simply click the Control Panel tab at the top left and then click the Launch Web Call link:


For scheduled events you would instead click the Control Panel link for your event in the Event List area at the scheduled time:


Once you launch web call, your browser will ask you for permission to access your microphone. Click 'allow'.

Unscheduled events: For unscheduled events, hosts or guests can use a conference ID (PIN) to make a web call here:  

Connecting as a Guest

From the event page, select Web Call:

On the next screen, enter your name and location so that the host knows who is connecting, or you can connect anonymously:

Next, your browser will ask you for permission to access your microphone. Click 'allow'.


Using Web Call Controls

Once connected, you will see the following Web Call controls as the host or when there are no slides enabled for the guest:


If you are a guest and slides are enabled you will instead see a screen similar to this though the slide will be different.

A: Mute/Unmute Mic: Mutes or unmutes your computer microphone. (hosts may not allow unmuting for some calls)

B. Dial Pad: Displays a dial pad so that you can enter touch tone commands into the conference.

C: Raise/Lower Hand: Raises or lowers your hand on the Host's Control Panel.

D: Event Volume Control: Enable or disable the sound for the conference.

E: Event Volume Control: Manually adjust the volume for the conference.

F: Disconnect: Disconnects you from the conference.

G: Test Microphone: Allows you to test if your microphone is connected properly and giving sound to the conference.

Using a Headset

You can use your computer's built-in microphone with web call, but it might sound a bit "echoey" and pick up some background noise.

For better audio quality, try using a USB-connected headset. If you don't have one, here are a couple of recommendations:

Plantronics 478

Logitech H930

Having trouble with your web call connection? You can see more information on Troubleshooting Web Call here.

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