How to Display Slides and Pre-Recorded Video


You may also want to see this article for written instructions, and this blog post on how slides can help or hurt your presentation.

Slides Tips

1. Slides don't look right after upload? 

See This Article to make your slides look exactly as they look in PowerPoint or Keynote.

2. Use a 16x9 aspect ratio for slides images. 

This is the default aspect ratio for PowerPoint 2016 and Google Slides. Some slides systems like Keynote presentations use a default aspect ratio of 4x3, which is a more square shaped ratio. While slides in a 4x3 aspect ratio will work, they won't look as good as slides that have a 16x9 aspect ratio. So for the best results, be sure to change your aspect ratio to 16x9 before saving/exporting your slides and uploading them to our system.

3. When showing video, allow a few extra seconds for slow web connections and mobile devices.

Different members of your audience will have different connection speeds. Since video is bandwidth-intensive, it may take a few extra seconds for the complete video to render for those with slow connections. At this time, only YouTube videos can be played into an event.

Also: participants on mobile devices will need to click "play" to initiate the start of the video on their device.

4. You can upload PPT, PPTX, PDF, PNG, JPG and GIF files.

While PPT, PPTX and PDF can be easier to use in general if the presentation has a lot of photographs JPG will be the best format. However PNG is better for anything with text and straight lines, as in a comic or other drawing, or if a wide color range is needed with transparency.

5. Add a button to a slide and link the slide to your offer page.

In the Slides Upload area click Edit on a presentation, hover over a slide, then click the green edit icon. Then insert a link in the space provided.


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