Using the Conference Tab During Live Events


The Conference tab (Events > Event List > Control Panel > Conference) is where you see all of the participants who are connected to your conference by phone line or web call. Use this page to control who can speak, manage questions, and more.

Conference Mode

The conference mode determines the default mode of who can speak and who is muted. You can change the conference mode during your event at any time to allow guests to speak or to mute their microphones.

For larger conferences (8 or more people) you will probably want to manage the conversation by switching to lecture mode. Q&A and Party Modes are less commonly used, but also available.

When in lecture mode, all guests are muted by default, but they can press *2 on their phone dial pads or the raised hands icon in the web call interface to let you know they have a question.

No matter the conference mode when somebody speaks, their name lights up in blue.


For small conferences you can usually leave this set to interactive. Interactive mode means that all guests can openly speak, as long as a host is connected to the conference line.


Extra Conference Controls

The buttons in the upper right of the Conference tab allow you to hold all guests, lower all hands, or drop all callers from the conference.

By clicking the padlock icon, you can "lock" a conference. Once locked, no new callers are allowed into the conference.


You can also raise or lower a caller's volume, place an individual caller on hold, or drop an individual caller:









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