Change Event Page Headline and Text


You can modify all of the text that appears on your event pages, depending on the phase for the event: pre-event, during-event, or replay.

To reach the Event Management area, click on the Event Title in the Event List. Then click on the Pre-event settings link to set up the appearance of your page before the event begins.


Click inside of the headline box to change the headline, and inside of the paragraph box to change the paragraph.


To preview what your event page looks like, click on the Preview button:


Next, repeat these steps to set up the text on the During Event and Replay Pages.

Helpful Tip

If you plan on having the same or similar text on your during event and replay pages, check the boxes to copy your settings to those pages, then save your settings. Just be sure to preview the during event and replay pages to ensure that they look the way you want them to look.




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