Answering Participants' Questions


Summary: To see raised hands, click on the Conference tab. To see written questions, click on the Q&A tab.

Participants can let you know that they have questions in two ways: 

1) They can "raise their hand" by clicking *2 on their phone dial pads, or by clicking the "raised hand" icon in the web call interface

2) They can submit questions to you via the online question submission (Q&A) form.

Conference Tab

Click on the Conference Tab to see callers who have raised their hands. First unmute the caller by clicking on the microphone icon so that they can ask you their question. When you are done talking with them, re-mute the caller, then lower their hand by clicking on it.


Q&A Tab

Click on the Q&A Tab, then "See All Questions" to see the questions for your event.

If you have a very large event, an assistant can approve questions for you using "Incoming & Approved Mode." You'll see their approved questions using "See All Approved Questions."



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