Events with an Assistant, Co-hosts, and/or Guest Presenters


Q: Can more than one person be logged in to the control panel at the same time?

Yes. You can have multiple people logged in to the same account at the same time, simply give them your login credentials.

Q: Why use an assistant?

It's certainly not necessary. The vast majority of events are managed capably by a single host.

However, for very large conferences, you may want to have an assistant help you. For example, while you are giving the presentation, you may want to have an assistant monitor participants' questions on the Who's Here and Q&A tabs, start the recording at the right time, add time to the event on the Webcast tab if you expect the call to go long, and more.

Q: How Should Guest Presenters Connect to the Call?

We normally recommend that Guest Presenters connect with the Host dialing instructions. When connected as a host, you can have a private conversation with your guest presenter prior to the call, or debrief with them when the call ends by clicking the "hold all guests" button in the Who's Here tab. 

Host callers are listed at the top of the Who's Here tab participants list, and have priority calling in to conferences that reach capacity. In other words, host callers can ALWAYS connect to the call, even when it's full.

Q: How can my guest presenter use the slides but not have to be in the control panel?

We have a Slides Controller and Slides Viewer link that can be used to control or view the slides, as well as a Chat Attendee and Chat Moderator link to allow access to the Live Chat for a particular event. If you wanted to have your co-host move their own slides or moderate the live chat you would give them the Slides Controller and/or Chat Moderator link, but if they only need to be able to follow along with the presentation you can give them the Slides Viewer and/or Chat Attendee link.

You find these links in the Event Settings area of your event by clicking Scheduled Events > the title of your event > External Control Panel. You can also find the host links in the Control Panel tab for that feature. (e.g. Control Panel's Slides tab has the Slides Controller Link)

NOTE: Make sure you provide the co-host with audio connection instructions along with any External Control Panel links so they are able to talk and listen.


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