Extra Options for Event Pages


At the bottom of the event creation page we have advanced options you can choose from. (You can also find these options for an already created event in the Event Management area under the link Title & Options (Events > Event List > Event Title > Title & Options),  just make sure you scroll down as they are at the bottom of the page there too!)


Share This:
This option will allow you to enable/disable social media links that would allow your guests to share like the ones shown below. You can see more information about the Share This system on their site.

Share This Example: Enabled Social Media Links


Q&A Form Email:
This option will allow you to require anyone using the Q&A form on the event page to input an email when submitting a question. This can be useful if you are wanting to determine who listened to your event over the web.

Q&A Form Example: Q&A email field as shown on the Event Page with different settings



Q&A Form Email Example: Email Required on Bottom and No Email Required on Top

Q&A Notify Host:
This option will send an email notification to your accounts registered email every time you receive a new Q&A submission. This is useful to enable on the replay page, so that you'll receive questions submitted after the event ends.

Add to Calendar Button:
This option will allow you to remove the add to calendar button from your event page. This is helpful if you have a different registration process that already uses an Add to Calendar feature.

Add to Calendar Example: Add to Calendar Enabled

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