How to "Clone" or Copy an Event's Settings


How to Quickly "Clone" an Event and All of Its Settings

While each live event has to be scheduled individually, we give you a tool to copy any event you've already scheduled or completed.

From the Scheduled Events page, click the "Clone" link under the "Action" column:


You will then be able to set the date of the new event, which will have all the same settings as your previous one. Something to keep in mind is when you clone an event the initial date our system will create it for is one week out from the current day, with the same time as the event you are cloning.

Note: Our system will automatically select the time zone of the computer used to create the event. This means if you are in PST but would like to have the event show EST in the Event List area of the account you will need to manually change the time zone line back to EST when cloning the event.

Can I Give My Customers the Same URL for My Live Events?

Each live Instant Teleseminar event uses a unique URL but one option you have is you can use a link shortener or other URL redirection service such as or These services let you set up a custom URL that forwards to your Instant Teleseminar event page, and you can update it for each new event, as well as track the visitors who come to the page.

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