Special Features: Autopilot


What is Autopilot?

Autopilot lets you pre-record your events and then broadcast at a future date and time that you specify. Your audience experiences the call exactly as if it were a live event.

Just like an actual live event, your audience can dial in by phone, web call or our broadcast connection (online webcast). If your original event had slides, your audience will also see your original slide changes during the event.

You can use an MP3 or WAV audio file with Autopilot (100mb file size limit). It can be something you recorded on our system, or a personal audio of your own.

Note: Autopilot differs from a normal event replay. Autopilot broadcasts "as if live" at a time set by you, so listeners must show up at that time or miss the content from the start of the event. Replays with our system are on the original event URL and are available on demand.

Setting up Autopilot: Prep Work

Record an event in our system or use other software to record an audio clip in MP3 or WAV format.

Setting up Autopilot:

First, click 'Special Features' in the left side menu and then click on the Autopilot option on that page. Next, in the Step 1 area select a pre-recorded event or previously uploaded audio in your account from the drop down menus or upload a new audio.

Note: If you want to have slides show with the Autopilot event you will have to make a recording in our system with your slides.


In Step 2 select the date and time(s) that you want your Autopilot event to play. You can choose to have it only play one time or on a recurring schedule of your choice.


After you have selected the event or audio and the schedule for the Autopilot click the 'Create Autopilot Event' button on the bottom of the page.

Finally, copy the event information from the Master-Event Settings page of your newly created Autopilot to give to your attendees.

Note: You can make the same adjustments to the event page for an Autopilot as you can with a live event.


How to Have a Replay for a One Time Autopilot Event

A one time Autopilot event will automatically have a replay available with the same link as the live event and that can be found in the Autopilot settings area.

Autopilot Tips

You cannot change Autopilot settings once the system has connected at the start of an event. Events begin 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event start time, so make sure that you have the Autopilot event all set correctly more than 20 minutes before the scheduled event time.

While you cannot change the settings for an Autopilot event once it has started, you can stop the event completely by deleting the event from the Autopilot settings page, and then dropping the audio in the Control Panel's 'Who's Here' tab by clicking the red x next to the 'Autopilot' host connection.

Hosting during a slides event: If slides are enabled for the Autopilot you will see an extra host in the slides interface. That is our system controlling the slides as a host and is not a cause for concern.

Autopilot will use the conference line system while it is in progress. This means that you cannot have a separate live event going on at the same time. However, you can dial in as host at any time before, during or after the audio playback.

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