Special Features: Audio Clips


This article describes how you can play short or long audio clips into your conference by using audios uploaded to your Audio Clips library. To automate scheduling and playing an entire pre-recorded session into the conference as if it were live (no host required), See this FAQ on the Autopilot feature.

Uploading Audios to Your Audio Clips Library

Step 1: Create the recording or download the audio from a previously-recorded event
(Before you can upload an audio into our system, you must already have an MP3 file of that audio on your computer.)

Step 2: Create a New Collection in the Audio Upload Tab


Step 3: First, click on the name of your collection, then click 'Upload a New Clip' under the Audio Clips section on the right.


Your Audio is now available to play back into a conference.

Playing Audios Into a Live Event

Once your event goes live, you'll play audios into the live event from the Audio tab in the Control Panel area. You can access the Audio Tab by clicking Control Panel in the Action column of the Event List or by clicking Conference Line > Conference Line Control Panel once your event goes live.


Note that you CANNOT play audios into a live event from the Special Features > Audio Upload area, which is only used for uploading and organizing audios.


To play your audio, first select your collection and then select your audio, and click play:


Caution! Keep in Mind...

On-hold music automatically plays to your audience if no host is dialed into the conference. So if you plan on playing audios into your event, a host must be dialed in or the call must be set up in Host Mode.

If you want your replay of this event to get set up automatically when the event ends, you still need to press the 'Start Recording' button in the recordings tab.

Tips on Creatively Using Pre-Recorded Audios

Ask your best customers to record a testimonial for you, then play them back at appropriate times during your events.

Schedule sessions to pre-record your events with hard-to-reach partners at their convenience, then play back as if live during Prime Time.

Upload your own custom intro and outro music to play at the beginning and ending of your sessions, or use the music included with your subscription.

Play short, 1- or 2-minute clips of experts during your presentations to emphasize specific points.

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