Conference Line: How to connect as a Host


This article is for event hosts, if you are an event guest read our article for guest connections here.

As the host you can connect to your scheduled or unscheduled calls from the Conference Line > Connect to Conference Line area or by simply dialing in with your host PIN code and a local number. As a host you should not use the Broadcast (online webcast) to listen during an event as it will almost always cause echo, if you want to know your status you can use the 'Who's Here' tab during the live event.

Connecting to the Conference Line Instructions

For your scheduled events you access the Control Panel for the event by Method 1: click Conference Line > Connect to Conference Line in the top left or Method 2: Scheduled Events > Control Panel > Call In tab.

Method 1:


Method 2:


Once in the Connect to Conference Line area or the Control Panel's Call In tab, choose your connection method, Phone or Web Call, then follow the instructions to connect.

Phone: First choose a number to dial. You can use the primary number listed in your account or choose a number from our complete local number list. You can click here to see the full list. Dial the number and when prompted enter your account's host pin code followed by the # key on the dial pad.

Note: Premium or higher service level is required for you or your guests to use our non-US local numbers.

Web Call: If you are using Firefox or Chrome as the web browser with a laptop, desktop or android device you can use our Web Call to talk and listen using your computer's microphone and speakers. Simply click the button labeled 'Launch Web Call' and follow the prompts to connect.

When you launch web call, your browser may ask you for permission to access your microphone. Click 'allow' or 'always allow' if prompted. We generally recommend using a headset over a standalone microphone. Tip: Rick recommends a USB headset from Sennheiser.

Something to note is that when launching Web Call it will always open in a new popup window which must be left open to stay connected, but you can feel free to move, resize, or simply minimize the window.


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