Control Panel: Recording


The Quick Scoop on Recordings

There are three types of recordings:

1) "Non-Event" Impromptu Recordings

2) Scheduled Event Recordings, and

3) Scheduled Event Backup Recordings.

Non-Event and Event Recordings are created by manually clicking the Start Recording button. Non-Event Recordings are only available for download for hosts from your members area and expire after 30 days. Event Recordings are instantly available to you and/or your audience within seconds of the end of your call on the event page URL and never expire. Backup recordings are made automatically for scheduled events, even if you forget to click the Start Recording button.

Non-Event Recordings

For unscheduled conference calls, navigate to the Conference Line Control Panel (Conference Line > Conference Line Control Panel > Basic Control Panel), connect as a host to the conference line by phone or web call, then click on the Recording tab at the top, and click "Start Recording".


Event Recordings

For your scheduled events, You can access the Control Panel for a live event by clicking Conference Line in the top left, choosing Conference Line Control Panel and then selecting your event in the popup or from the Scheduled Events page Control Panel link:

Conference Line > Conference Line Control Panel:


Scheduled Events Control Panel Link:


If You Are Showing Slides

If you are showing slides, we recommend showing your first slide BEFORE starting the recording so live guests will be able to see a slide when they arrive and the replay will have a slide showing when it starts. If you are not showing slides, skip this step.


Navigate to the Recording tab and click Start Recording:


Check that the Starting Recording animation has finished to ensure that your recording has started.


You will see the Recording Status of In Progress showing in green when your event is recording.


If you make multiple clips they will be listed below the recording status while your event is in progress.



Recording Tips

You normally must be dialed in to the conference line as a host to make a recording.

The manual recordings you make for scheduled events are instantly available on your replay page within seconds of the end of your event. Note: Simply disconnecting your host audio connection doesn't automatically end the event.

An automatic audio backup recording is made for every event you schedule from your Scheduled Events page whether or not you click the "Start Recording" button.

You can change or edit the recordings that appear on your replay page from the Manage Event Recordings area (Scheduled Events > the title of your event > Manage Event Recordings).

If you have a long call, break it into smaller recording clips by stopping the recording and then re-starting. You might try 30-minute or even 15-minute clips.

Event recordings (Replays) will be available from inside your account and our public event pages as long as your account with us remains active. However, Non-event recordings and Backup recordings are only accessible from inside your account and expire after 30 days.

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