Control Panel: Comments


Facebook comments allow your audience to leave public comments on your event pages, with the option of also posting to their Facebook pages to share in their networks.

Enabling Facebook Comments

You can enable Facebook comments at the bottom of the Advanced Options area during event creation. You can also find Facebook Comments after creating the event by clicking Scheduled Events > the title of your event > Advanced Options.


Posting and Moderating Comments

While not required to use the Facebook Comments, if you want to moderate comments (delete unwanted comments, etc.), you'll need to find your Facebook ID to link your account to your event page. You can click the link on the event setup page, or click this link. Facebook ID Finder

Enter your Facebook URL into the field provided and click the 'Find numeric ID' button to find your Facebook ID.

Don't know your URL? If you are logged into Facebook in your current browser, you should be able to click this link, and it will redirect you to your profile page. Then, copy the URL from your browsers' address bar and go back to the Facebook ID finder to try again.

After you've found your ID number, copy and paste it into the Facebook ID field on the event setup page and click Save changes to confirm the Facebook ID for that event.

During the live event you can post or moderate the Comments in the Control Panel's Comments tab.

Note: You can only moderate comments if you have entered your Facebook ID in the Advanced Options area for that event.


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