How to Change the Pre-Event, During-Event and/or Replay Page Settings


In the Event Settings area you can make adjustments to the details for a particular event. You can modify all of the text that appears on your event pages, depending on the phase for the event: pre-event, during-event, or replay. To reach the Event Settings area where you can make those changes, click Scheduled Events and then on the title of your event.


Next, click on the Customize Pre-Event, Customize During-Event or Customize Replay Page link to set up the appearance of that page before the event begins.


Click inside of the headline text box to change the headline, and inside of the paragraph box to change the paragraph text. You can also choose other settings, such as the color of the text on the event page, as well as the size of the text, from the options on this page.


To preview what your event page will look like, click on the 'Preview' link in the Event Settings page that is next to the stage of the event you want to preview, or on the customize page click the 'Preview Page' button in the top right. Next, repeat these steps to set up the text on the During Event and Replay Pages.

Replay Page Specific Settings

Replays with our system can be audio only, or audio with slides, and can be accessed online, or by telephone.

The Replay Page Settings area lets you choose the settings for that particular event. You can choose different settings for the replay, such as the ability to Enable or Disable the replay, include the MP3 download link on the replay page, enable replay by phone, disable the replay after a specific date, as well as customize the headline and paragraph text that shows on the page.


The first option you have for your Replay page is to have it 'Enabled' or 'Disabled'. The default setting when creating a new event is to have a replay enabled but if you clone an event the enabled/disabled replay status will carry over. Next to that option is 'Redirect' and that lets you redirect the replay page link to a different event's replay in our system by inputting the event id of the event replay you want to redirect guests to in the Redirect field.


Next, you have the standard text options for the replay page, just like the Pre-Event and During-Event pages, and below that are some additional options specifically for the replay page. On top are the options to show the Question Submission form and the Live Chat transcript on the replay page. After that you have the option to enable or disable the phone replay access. The Enable Download? option controls if there will be a download link for the audio available to participants on the Replay page, with 'Yes' meaning the download link will appear along with the option to listen online, while 'No' means only the online player will show.


Finally, there is the option to disable your replay after a certain amount of time has passed with the 'Expire Replay?' option. For example, if you only want the replay to be available for 24 hours after the call you can set that here by choosing the appropriate date and time in the drop down.

Note: The Expire Date, Expire Time and Time Zone options at the very bottom will be greyed out if you have not chosen 'Yes' for Expire Replay, and that means the replay will continue to be available for as long as you have an active account.


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