Recordings: Using a Backup Recording for the Replay


Our system makes an audio backup recording for every scheduled conference, so your conferences will not be lost if you forget to start a recording. However, it will take a few steps to enable your backup recording on your replay page.

Also note that the backup recording is the audio for the ENTIRE conference, so it will include a 15 minute period of hold music both before and after the actual call recording itself. If you wish to edit this out before uploading, please see this article.

***If your event has slides contact support for help getting the slides adjusted to match***

Step 1: Download Your Backup Recording

From the Scheduled Events page, click on the Title of the event, and then the 'Manage Event Recordings' link in the Event Settings area:


Click on the 'Request to restore this recording link' and then send the request to support.


Once the backup has been restored you can press the MP3 Backup Recording Link above the request link to download the backup audio file.

Note: The backup audio only needs to be restored if the event is older than 30 days.

Step 2: Cut Out The First 15 Minutes of On-Hold Music

You'll need an audio editor to trim the file, since the first 15 minutes is usually on-hold music or silence prior to the beginning of the event.

We recommend using the free tool MP3 Cut or Audacity to quickly and easily trim your audio file.

Step 3: Upload Your Trimmed File to the Event Recordings Page

Navigate to to the Event Recordings page. Towards the bottom of the page, browse for your trimmed MP3 file, and upload it to the system:


Once you get your confirmation message, your backup recording has been successfully uploaded:


Enabling Backup Recordings Tips

1. You may need to go to the Customize Replay Page area (Scheduled Events > Event Title > Customize Replay Page) to ensure that you have replays enabled for this event.

2. Backup recordings are automatically available for 30 days after the event ends. If it's past the 30-day window, we can restore your backup recordings, just let us know your Member ID and the date and time of the event.

3. Backup recordings are of the audio only; there are no backups of the slides+audio sequence. If your event requires slides, they will need to be re-recorded. This is possible using the backup audio and setting up a new event to re-record the slides - please ask a support representative for assistance.

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