How to Connect and Participate in the Conference (For Attendees)


This article is for event guests. If you are the event organizer, watch this video instead.

When you are invited to an Instant Teleseminar event, the organizer usually sends you a link to an event page. When the event goes live, the event page will look similar to this: 

If you plan on speaking during the conference, you will need to call in by phone or connect using Web Call, since broadcast (webcast) is listen-only. All 3 options--phone, web call, and broadcast (webcast)--will display slides if they are enabled for your event.

Note that Web Call only works on FireFox or Chrome. The Broadcast (Webcast) option is listen-only, but you can still submit questions via the online question submission form that appears on the event page.

Connecting by Phone

To see the phone dialing instructions, choose the phone option. To see if there is a local number in your country or city, click the link to local and international dial-in options. You can dial any number on the list to connect to the conference with the event's PIN.

Once connected, if you have a question, press *2 on your phone dial pad to raise your hand.

If you are having trouble connecting by phone or if you are experiencing sound quality issues, see this article on How to Troubleshoot Phone Connection Problems.

Note: If you are connected by telephone to see slides you will need to be online and at the event page, then click the Select button under the Phone option to see the slides.\


Connecting by Web Call

When you select the web call option, a new window pops up in your browser. Enter your name and city when you connect, so that the host knows who you are:


Once you are connected, click on the hand icon to raise your hand if you have a question:

If you have problems with web call, the best option is usually to try the phone or webcast options instead, otherwise you could end up missing several minutes of your event. If you have time, you can try to troubleshoot web call

Connecting by Broadcast (Webcast)

Broadcast (Webcast) is like a radio or TV broadcast: it is listen-only. Just click the button to join. Note that if slides are being shared, it may take as many as 15 to 20 seconds for the slides to appear on your screen. 

Connecting by Skype

Our system does support direct connections using skype. The procedure is not recommended if you are not familiar with skype, but you can see details about the connection from this article

How to Interact and Submit Questions

Note: hosts may or may not have all of these enabled, depending on the event.

1. Submit a question via the online question submission form on the event page.

2. Make a public comment using Facebook comments. You can choose to display your comment on Facebook, or only on the event page.

3. Raise your hand to let the host know that you have a question. Press *2 on your phone dial pad, or click the "raised hands" icon on the web call interface.

4. Mute or unmute yourself. In web call, click the microphone icon. On the phone, press *6 to mute yourself and *7 to unmute yourself.

No Event Page? Go Here

If you did not receive an event page, your event organizer may have invited you by simply giving you an Event ID or Conference PIN number. In that case, go to the Instant Teleseminar Connect page and enter the PIN or event id there. 


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